week 43 workout summary

This week I hit another milestone in my year of sweat journey: I made it to the end of my 10th month of consecutive daily workouts, and celebrated with a great hike on Friday.

The rest of the week was pretty anti-climactic. And, as much as I love being here in Vegas, with access to these beautiful surrounding mountains, the truth is I don’t hike every day. Which means that I end up having to improvise with a lot of make-shift at-home workouts using DVDs, phone apps, and very limited cardio equipment at the [very small] fitness centre here at the condo. It makes 3 weeks feel like an awfully long time.

I am so excited to be back in Toronto for Week 44 – with access to my regular gym, and – of course – my favourite class: BodyPump. I can’t wait to lift some shit!    

Workout Summary: Oct 27 – Nov 2, 2013: 

Sunday Oct 27 (Day 300):

  • Strength: 

    • Daily Arm Workout: (Complete entire set without break; rest 60 seconds; Repeat)

      • Overhead Press (1 minute)

      • Bicep Curls (1 minute)

      • Overhead Tricep Extension Right (1 minute)

      • Overhead Tricep Extension Left (1 minute)

      • Bent Over Row (1 minute)

      • Front Raises (1 minute)

      • Reverse Bridge Dips (1 minute)

      • Half Push-ups (1 minute)

      • High Side Plank Right (1 minute)

      • High Side Plank Left (1 minute)

    • Wall Sit (1 minute); Rest 60 seconds; repeat

    • Squats (1 minute); Rest 60 seconds; repeat

    • Tricep Dips on Chair (1 minute); Rest 60 seconds; repeat

  • Bonus Activities:

Monday Oct 28 (Day 301):

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 60 mins; 202 floors climbed

  • Strength:

    • Push-ups (10 reps * 5 sets)

    • Squats (25 reps * 4 sets)

Tues Oct 29 (Day 302):

  • Cardio/Strength:

    • Circuit Training (complete all moves without rest; then rest 90 secs; repeat 2 more times for a total of 3 circuits):

      • Jumping Jacks (30 seconds)

      • Wall Sits (30 seconds)

      • Push-ups (30 seconds)

      • Crunches (30 seconds)

      • Step-up onto chair (30 seconds)

      • Squats (30 seconds)

      • Tricep Dips on chair (30 seconds)

      • Plank (30 seconds)

      • High knees (running in place) (30 seconds)

      • Lunges (30 seconds)

      • Plank with marching arms (30 seconds)

      • Side plank – left (30 seconds)

      • Side plank – right (30 seconds)

  • Cardio:

    • Walk: 1 hr; 3.5 miles

Wed Oct 30 (Day 303):

  • Cardio/Strength:

    • Jillian Michaels DVD: 45 minutes

      • 5 min warm-up (dynamic stretching + easy cardio)

      • 7 circuits (5 mins each; 30 secs per move/ 5 moves total; repeat entire circuit):

        • Circuit 1: Squatting side kicks – left, Alternating punches; Squatting side kicks – right, Combo punch (jab, cross, hook, elbow), Alternating front kicks

        • Circuit 2: Burpees, Plie hops, Combo (jab, cross, jab, cross, hop), 180 squat jumps, single leg hops)

        • Circuit 3: Butt Kicks, High knees, Jumping Jacks, Standing oblique crunches – left, Standing oblique crunches – right)

        • Circuit 4: Mountain climbers, Supermans, Pike crunches, Plank w/oblique twist, Marching plank

        • Circuit 5: Swing kicks, Upper cuts, Back kicks, Jab/Cross combo, Alternating knee crunches

        • Circuit 6: Jump squats, Cross-country skiing, Scissor kicks, Skaters, Standing Mountain Climbers

        • Circuit 7: Moguls, Standing pikes, Knee crunches – left, Knee crunches – right, Jump rope

      • 5 min Cool Down

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 30 mins; 99 floors climbed

Thurs Oct 31 (Day 304):

Happy Halloween from Sailor Moon and My Year of Sweat!

Happy Halloween from Sailor Moon and My Year of Sweat!

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 60 mins; 201 floors climbed

  • Strength:

    • Squats: 75 (15 reps X 5 sets)

Fri Nov 1 (Day 305):

  • Cardio (+Strength):

    • Hike: Mummy Spring; Time 03:20:00; 6.4 miles / 10.3 kms; +1,800′ elev gain; highest elev 10,086′

Sat Nov 2 (Day 306) – [Travel Day]:

  • Cardio:

  • Strength:

    • Push-ups: 50 (10 reps X 5 sets)


Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

33 thoughts on “week 43 workout summary

  1. Awesome week 🙂 especially with improvised workouts!

    woohoo for a return to Body Pump 😀

    Excellent costume (once I had googled sailor moon 😛 well…it was excelelnt before I googled it, but it made more sense when I had) 🙂

  2. Congratulations on the 10 months! I’m just wondering, do you take a rest day where you do lighter exercise? For myself, one day a week I devote to yoga or other stretching exercises, just to give my body a rest (though that doesn’t mean I won’t go for a walk those days). I’m curious as to what you do.

    • For the first 6 months or so, Carrie, it was hard/intense cardio every single day. In the late summer and into fall, I’ve been trying to incorporate one day of yoga – but it doesn’t always work out. My ‘rest/lighter’ days are usually a run only (35-40 mins) with no strength. Or, when improvising due to lack of equipment or bad weather – it might be a shorter bit of cardio plus some upper body strength. Now that I’m back in TO, I’m planning to prioritize on yoga – and try to get classes locked into my calendar. I like the idea of what yoga can help me do, focus-wise. I know I’ve still got a ways to go as it relates to centered-ness and quieting my mind.

  3. I love your costume and can add my agreement to the yoga comments. I enjoy the benefits of stretching, balance and core work but usually (always) fail at finding my “moment of zen”. Yoga is on my calendar for this afternoon though. 🙂

    • hahahaha!! I literally refused to go costume-less this year after I had committed to donning a costumer on your blog. 🙂
      It was a very last minute thrift store find — and I was down to bloody undead bride or sailor moon. I went for the Anime super hero girl. 🙂

  4. Your mind is quiet in yoga? Seriously? In the kick-my-butt-sweat-everywhere class I do, it’s all I can do to have my mind tell my body to not fall over. I took MTM there the other day, and he hasn’t been back because of how hard it was.

    Love the Hallowe’en outfit. Glad to hear you’re safely back in Toronto. I really admire you for keeping up your routine even when you aren’t at home. I struggle with that myself. It’s so easy to slack when things are unfamiliar.

    • If your hot yoga is Bikram, I can see why MTM will never go back. That shit can only be described as an hour’s express pass to hell. [shudder]

      I’ve heard better things about Moksha hot yoga. Then again …it could just be a ploy to get the Bikram outcasts in.

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