dare to dream big

It’s easy to settle into routines. Into mediocrity. Into accepting the daily grind as good enough.

It takes courage to follow your dreams. A lot of courage.

A Mediterranean sunset -- May 2012

This picture was taken from my balcony while on a Mediterranean cruise. I remember how the ship sometimes [thankfully not too often] challenged my stability, as it swayed against the power of giant waves.

Life also throws us off balance at times.

We can choose to stand still, holding onto the guard rails, in an effort to avoid falling, or we can brave the instability, swaying and stumbling, but continuing to make our way through this life.

I’m working hard on being more courageous. Because [and to quote Drake] YOLO.

Happy Friday everyone. Dream big.

And don’t forget to… Get moving!

xoxo nancy





8 thoughts on “dare to dream big

  1. I agree wholeheartedly with this!!

    A couple of years back some people who were very close to me died well before they should have and it taught me not to waste time and to do things rather than spend time planning to do them eventually 🙂

    Happy Friday to you too 😀

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