week 41 workout summary

The highlight of this workout week was, no doubt, my hike at Mary Jane Falls on Wednesday because a) it was on my birthday, and b) it was a new personal best.  Aside from that, in the vein of continuing to try new things, on Thursday I tackled the parcourse at the outdoor track nearby. I have run the track there before, and I’ve even attempted the parcourse before, but I conveniently skipped several exercises, dismissing them as “Oh, I can’t do that one.”, without even trying. 

This time I actually attempted every exercise, some moderately successfully, others not so much. And that’s okay. I’m allowed to not be good at things. Some things are really, really hard work (chin ups and monkey bars, anyone??). but I will continue to try.

A section of the parcourse

A section of the parcourse

Workout Summary: Oct 13 – Oct 19, 2013: 

Sunday Oct 13 (Day 286):

  •  Strength: 

    • Yoga 60 mins

Monday Oct 14 (Day 287):

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 20 mins; 67 floors climbed

  • Strength:

Tues Oct 15 (Day 288):

  • Cardio:

    • Walking: 3.3 kms, moderate pace (while dragging luggage) through 3 airports (BUF, EWR, LAS) 🙂

  • Strength:

    • Push-ups: 50 (10 reps X 5 sets)

Wed Oct 16 (Day 289):

  • Cardio & Strength:

    • Hike: Mary Jane Falls; Time 01:04:43; 5.3 kms; +1,073′ elevation gain

Thurs Oct 17 (Day 290):

  • Cardio:

    • Run: Time 00:15:20; 2.24 kms; Avg pace 06:51 min/km / 11:02 min/mile (New PB for pace, but my planned 5k was cut short due to a left calf muscle seizing up, likely caused by previous day’s hike.)

  • Strength:

    • Parcourse / Outdoor Exercise Equipment15 stations, (3 exercises per station); examples: push-ups, high jumps, balance beam, incline sit-ups, incline leg raises, squats, step-ups, parallel bars, vault bar, climbing wall, standing leg lifts, horizontal ladder (aka monkey bars), chin-ups. Total of 45 exercise movements.

  • Bonus Cardio:

    • Treadmill: 45 mins, 3.5 mph, 5.0% incline

Fri Oct 18 (Day 291):

  • Cardio:

  • Strength: (Based on Jackie Warner’s Power Circuit Training)

    • Chest:

      • Chest Press – 1 minute

      • Reverse Fly – 1 minute

      • Alternating Press – 1 minute

      • Power Burn (Combine all 3 above) – 1 minute

    • Back:

      • Wide Row – 1 minute

      • Renegades – 1 minute

      • Dumbbell Pull Over – 1 minute

      • Power Burn (Combine all 3 above) – 1 minute

    • Bicep/ Tricep /Shoulder:

      • Close Grip Hammer Curl – 1 minute

      • Straight Arm Kick Back – 1 minute

      • Arnold Press – 1 minute

      • Power Burn (Combine all 3 above) – 1 minute

Sat Oct 19 (Day 292):

  • Cardio:

    • Hike: La Madre Spring; Time: 01:16:00; 5.8 kms, +900′ elevation gain

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

11 thoughts on “week 41 workout summary

    • Oh Rachael, trust me, outdoors, without any aid, I can’t do one chin up either. 🙂 I did manage to hang from the monkey bars for several seconds, which felt like a win though. 😉 For chin-ups, I’m just grateful I’ve found that machine at the gym (back home in TO, so I can’t use it for a couple weeks while I’m here in Vegas) — it is an “assisted chin up” machine, and allows you to add counterweight (i.e. making you lighter). With the aid of that machine I can do perfect chin-ups. 🙂 Working on reducing my counterweight.

      • ahh…yes 🙂

        I remember reading about this now…

        we have one of those machines in one of the gyms i can go to with my membership (actually they probably all do but I haven’t seen them) when I had my induction I was scared of it because it is sooo high the step you climb up to to do pull ups on id at my shoulder height O_o I dis one assisted pull up before getting scared and when he tried to make me do a dip I just had visions of me dipping down getting stuck and clinging on with the machine under my arms until i could be rescued!
        I might have to brave it again using you as an inspiration!

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