week 40 workout summary

Overall, I’m pretty pleased with this week’s workouts. I feel good about meeting my new goal of achieving a better mix between cardio and strength training.

From a ‘trying new things’ perspective, I attempted Chin Ups and Dips on that fantastic machine at the gym that “assists” you by providing counterweight. Make no mistakes about how big a help this is. Without it (ie just me hanging from a bar) I couldn’t do even one pull up. Seriously. Now I used 70 lbs of counterweight, which is over 40% of my bodyweight, so there is clearly lots of room for improvement here. Still, I was stoked to have completed my first ever chin-ups.

I also *think* that Friday’s 5k run was my fastest completion time yet, at 37:00 flat. My goal is 35 mins — so I’ve still got some work to do — but it’s great to see the time getting better. I guess consistency does pay off. 🙂

Workout Summary: Oct 6 – Oct 12, 2013: 

Sunday Oct 6 (Day 279):

  • Cardio: 

    • Elliptical: Time 01:20:00; 9.7 kms / 6.00 miles

  • Strength: 

    • Push-ups: 75 (15 reps X 5 sets)

Monday Oct 7 (Day 280):

  • Cardio:

    • Run: Time 00:40:20; 5.65 kms; Avg pace 7:08 min/km / 11:31 min/mile

  • Strength:

Tues Oct 8 (Day 281):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: Time 01:30:00; 12.1 kms / 7.5 miles

  • Strength:

    • Push-ups: 90 (15 reps X 6 sets)

Wed Oct 9 (Day 282):

  • Cardio:

    • Run: Time 00:37:40; 5.0 kms; Avg pace 7:32 min/km / 12:09 min/mile

  • Strength:

Thurs Oct 10 (Day 283):

  • Cardio:

    • Elliptical: Time 01:56:00; 16.13 kms; 10.0 miles

Fri Oct 11 (Day 284):

Sat Oct 12 (Day 285):

  • Cardio:

    • Stairmaster: 20 mins; 64 floors climbed

  • Strength:

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

13 thoughts on “week 40 workout summary

  1. Thanks to my working out at home, I don’t have to tackle the chin-up issue (nothing to do a chin-up on). Don’t think I’ve tried one since college, and not sure I want to. 😉 Kudos to you for taking them on!

  2. Okay, training hat on, try standing on a chair and lowering yourself down on a chin-up bar to assist in building up strength as an alternative to using assisted chin-ups.

    I do a routine of as many push-ups I can do, followed by as many chin-ups as I can do x 3. Works a treat!

    Hey, spotted some Tim Tams on the kitchen bench today, went to open them and got tut, tutted by Janet, she said, they’re Nancy’s 😉

    • I *think* I need to work the assisted chin-ups by reducing the counterweight to a point where I can progress to eventually doing them with just the bar and my body. You are a beast for doing them on a routine basis! Go Baz!

      p.s. I cannot wait to figure out what the heck Tim Tams are. 🙂

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