truth in advertising

In a world filled with pleasantries masked as caring, half-truths designed to save feelings, smiles that hide pain, and people who ask, “how are you”, without expecting an actual answer to the question, I found perhaps the most honest street vendor in the world.

I was in a Turkish market, looking for a steam bath. I was tempted to buy something from him, because the honesty in his display was so refreshing.

your message so clear
easing suspicions and doubts
making way for truth

Get moving…

xoxo nancy

23 thoughts on “truth in advertising

  1. I love this!!

    I think you are honest…as far as I can tell from a blog :-p

    I am not very good at those pleasantries…I don’t ask people how they are unless I want to hear the answer. I am polite but I an often a little too blunt. People who know me are used to it, but it sometimes comes as a shock to people who don’t know me…I never mean things rudely…but I sometimes get it wrong…

  2. I love this picture, and your story to go with it. Honesty is definitely the best policy. 🙂 I’ve worked in sales for a loooong time and people always respond better to polite, humorous, honesty than to deception of any kind.

  3. Beautiful, truthful, brevity. Well said, well done, and (oh hell, I can’t think of another “well something” that doesn’t come off as cheesy)…and you rock. Together in truth and sincerity,

    • Originally I thought about taking the easy way out and writing a funny post, snarking about the ridiculousness of “genuine fake watches”. And then something told me to look at it from another perspective. I’m glad I did. Thanks for confirming I did the right thing.

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