making the shift from stuff to experiences

Today is Mr. Enthusiasm’s 49th birthday.

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In the spirit of embracing experiences over stuff, I have chosen to bypass a traditional gift, and instead took time to plan a fun day for him.  [Spoiler alert!  I am prepping our camelbaks, so there will be hiking involved.]

We are starting with a drive to lovely Kleinburg Village for a lazy breakfast, followed by some strolling, and perhaps a visit to the McMichael Art Gallery.

After that, it’s time to get physical, so I’ve planned a hike at Cold Creek Trail. At just under 7 miles, it will qualify as my workout for the day. My fingers are crossed that Mother Nature will provide a good show of fall colours. I will have my iPhone at the ready to snap pics!

What we’re doing next is so random (both in terms of the event itself, as well as how I happened to get tickets) that I just had to add it to the plans.

One of my girlfriends from junior high school hit Facebook to advise that she had two extra tickets to…

<drum roll please>

… Lionel Richie for October 2nd.

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Totally random, right? Well, here’s what makes it even more random: When Mr. Enthusiasm and I started dating (April 6, 1983), “our song” was…

<drum roll please>

… Lionel Richie’s, You Are.

How is this not a sign that this is where he needs to be on his birthday? 🙂

The concert is at Casino Rama, which only adds to the cheese factor. I’m psyched! Fromage pour tout le monde!

I may have to break out some shoulder pads.

And, for the first time since chopping all my hair off, I’m lamenting not having more of it …to tease sky-high. 🙂

I can’t wait to experience the day. So much better than just unwrapping a gift, right?

Let’s hope he agrees.

Get moving

xoxo nancy

23 thoughts on “making the shift from stuff to experiences

  1. This is the best kind of gift, it’s something he’ll remember for the rest of his life, instead of something that will go on a shelf and collect dust. (My birthday present to myself definitely goes in the experience category, too, for the same reason.)

    • It was a really relaxing but fun day – and a great opportunity to focus on doing rather than observing.

      Thanks so much for stopping by, and especially for taking the time to comment. It was very thoughtful.

  2. I like your idea of an experience instead of a gift. Memories of a fun time outlast a new tie….which rednecks try to avoid.

    • The concert was great! His voice really has held up over all these years. He sang, straight-through for ~2 hours, and covered all his hits plus a handful of Commodores stuff, including Brick House, which made me squeal like a teenager. 🙂

    • It was a wonderful day/evening. Lionel is a freak of nature. At 64 years old – singing and dancing for 2+ hours – and looking at least 15 years younger than his age. 🙂

  3. Happy Belated, Mr Enthusiasm! You Are was my favorite Lionel Ritchie number, too. I look forward to hearing about the day. (I tried on a dress with shoulder pads today. Still a NO.)

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