week 38 workout summary

Some knee pain cropped up following the Sunday and Tuesday runs, so I decided to ease off running for the rest of the week.  While that was disappointing, I did manage to overcome a big fear on Tuesday: I worked out in the free-weight area of the gym; near the meat-heads. And I survived!

Holy pain, Batman! Sure, I do BodyPump regularly, but we use lighter weights in that class [out of necessity due to the huge number of reps involved]. With the free weights I went heavy – and man oh man, did I feel it the next day!

I also added a full hour Yoga class in addition to my Saturday BodyFlow (Tai Chi, Yoga and Pilates combo). One hour of yoga is crazy hard work. I felt like I was in Downward Facing Dog during 90% of the class. It seemed to be the favourite transitional move for this instructor. My hamstrings didn’t know what hit them. 🙂 

All in all, a good week of sweat.

Workout Summary: Sep 22 – Sep 28, 2013: 

Sunday Sep 22 (Day 265):

  • RunC25K Program – Wk 7, Day 2 program; 4.64 kms; Avg speed 7:39 min/km / 12:19 min/mile

  • Push-ups: 10 reps X 3 sets = 30

Monday Sep 23 (Day 266):

  • Elliptical: 1:30 mins; 12.48 kms / 7.74 miles

Tues Sep 24 (Day 267):

Wed Sep 25 (Day 268):

  • Stairmaster: 40 mins; 127 floors climbed

  • Cycling: 30 mins; 12.92 kms / 8.01 miles

Thurs Sep 26 (Day 269):

Fri Sep 27 (Day 270):

  • BodyPump: 45 mins

  • Stairmaster: 30 mins; 98 floors climbed

Sat Sep 28 (Day 271):

  • BodyFlow60 mins

  • Walk: 10 kms / 6.2 miles


Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

16 thoughts on “week 38 workout summary

  1. Good stuff 🙂 always wise to lay off running if it is causing pain…but great runs this week 🙂 and awesome work outs 😀
    Yoga…I believe Ishould try to add yoga in to my routine…I have heard lots of things about it being good for you and such like…but my inner cynic stomps on my enthusiasm!

  2. You are a machine! I try to lift heavy weights at least once a week. The other weight-training days I like to use lighter weights in cardio-circuit workouts. Keeps me from getting bored. At my fitness stage, I’m looking more for maintenance than increases, so it seems to work well.

  3. Another great week Nancy! I love Yoga but get frustrated too by instructors who spend way too much time in downward dog. Sometimes I think it’s due to lack of preparation or creativity…and it turns a great workout into a boring hour.

  4. I like the little tag note at the bottom…one of my favourites is similar – “Those that don’t think it can be done shouldn’t bother the person doing it”

    Remain out of control and enjoy yourself! 😉

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