week 37 workout summary

No preamble, no excuses, just the summary of sweat!

Workout Summary: Sep 15 – Sep 21, 2013: 

Sunday Sep 15 (Day 258):

  • Elliptical: 1:08 mins; 9.27 kms / 5.75 miles

  • Push-ups: 10 reps X 3 sets = 30

Monday Sep 16 (Day 259):

  • Stairmaster: 17 mins; 55 floors climbed

  • BodyPump: 60 mins

  • Run: C25K Program – Wk 6, Day 3 program; 3.79 kms; Avg speed 8:06 min/km / 13:03 min/mile; Fastest lap 7:33 min/km / 12:33 min/mile.

Tues Sep 17 (Day 260):

  • Elliptical: 1:33 mins; 12.92 kms / 8.01 miles

Wed Sep 18 (Day 261):

  • BodyPump: 45 mins

  • Cycling: 30 mins; 17.5 kms / 10.85 miles

  • Stairmaster: 20 mins; 64 floors climbed

Thurs Sep 19 (Day 262):

  • Run: C25K Program – Wk 7, Day 1 program; 4.6 kms; Avg speed 7:38 min/km / 12:17 min/mile; Fastest lap 7:09 min/km / 11:46 min/mile.

  • Elliptical: 60 mins; 8.31 kms / 5.15 miles

Fri Sep 20 (Day 263):

  • BodyPump: 45 mins

  • CardioMountain program – 45 mins

Sat Sep 21 (Day 264):

  • Strength/ResistanceTank Top Arms program (3 sets)

  • Cardio: Dancing; ~2 hours (wedding)


Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

16 thoughts on “week 37 workout summary

    • Ha! 🙂 I’m still not back to the exercise levels I was doing before the road trip last month, but I’m getting there. 🙂 Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment. It means the world to me!

  1. I’m so impressed you can last that long on the elliptical. That’s good cardio. I just get bored so easily. But you do it right–you mix your workouts up. Helps reduce injury and fight the boredom. So many people do the same thing every day.

    • Hey Carrie — re: elliptical, I absolutely MUST have something interesting to watch on TV or else it’s a deal-breaker. You’re absolutely right: so boring! I also try to alternate programs on the elliptical. I find the one the makes you pedal forwards for a few minutes and then reverse direction for a few minutes requires me to focus on what I’m doing and remain engaged.
      I also like that it’s a low-impact cardio break for me. My knees are starting to really scream from all the running. 😦

      • I may have to give that machine a try. I could use something gentler on my knees. I don’t even have a good excuse, because we have an elliptical. My husband uses it often, but I stick to my DVDs or walk on the treadmill where I can prop up a book and read. But it would be good for me to mix it up, and I like the idea of going forwards then backwards. We’ll see…

  2. I think it is great that you included Dancing at a wedding under Cardio. 🙂 There are plenty of days where I can’t fit in a structured time for exercise but I remind myself to make the most of what I can do and it all works out in the end. Opportunities are everywhere!

    • I had a very small window of time to get my workout in (between the wedding ceremony and the evening reception) and I knew I wanted to do the arm workout (I was wearing a strapless dress!). So, instead of shortchanging my strength workout and adding a run, I did the arm program 3 times (normally I would only repeat it once) and committed to getting sweaty on the dance floor later. 2 hours of dancing in 4 inch heels made me sweaty AND worked my calves like you wouldn’t believe. 🙂

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