taking time to stop and read the rocks

Don’t overthink it.

Just lace up your running shoes and go outside.

Do it.


See, that wasn’t so bad.

….But it’s cold. Why am I so cold? It’s not that cold out. But I am. Cold, that is.

Stop it. You finished your BodyPump and Stairmaster at the gym. Now all you have is a quick run, and you’ll be all done for the day.

You can do this.

….But I feel so tired.

Stop it.

Hey, what’s this? Look at this!



Wow, that really is unbelievably sweet. It makes me smile.

Hang on… there are more just a few feet further down the path.



This makes me happy.

Instead of empty pop cans, unscooped dog poop or other random litter, discarded without a second thought, I found art, motivation, love and hope at the start of my lakeside run.


Today was a good day. When little bits of sunshine find their way into your grey day, that is a reason to smile. And have hope.

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

25 thoughts on “taking time to stop and read the rocks

  1. aaawwwww!! those are awesome!!

    I would love to find things like that!

    It makes me want to paint some rocks with art and leave them places for people to find!!

    well done on pump and a run and stairmaster! this is awesome,and your lakeside run looks beautiful!

    • I know, right? Whoever did this…thank you! It was such a nice little happy surprise on a day I needed it. Makes me also want to paint rocks and leave sweet messages out and about for others to find. 🙂

      And, yeah, I’m very fortunate to live across the street from a Great Lake (as in, yeah, it’s a great lake, but it’s also one of the Great Lakes!), Lake Ontario. It definitely makes running a bit easier when this is your running trail.

      • Wow! that is amazing! It is so beautiful!

        So I guess you don’t go all 700miles round then 🙂
        I am looking for somewhere new to run, lake ontario is probably too far to go in a lunchtime mind you…There is a park run I might join that goes round a somewhat smaller lake…

      • If you can find somewhere nearby and beautiful – do it. I tried running a different route the other day, and found myself obsessing over every little thing. When I run by the lake, I just take in the beauty of the surroundings, and it does help me be a little less crazy during the run.

  2. LOVE this! (and I’m glad you didn’t wait until Wednesday to post it). Love YOUR sunshine.

    Uh and you’re cold because you are in Canada. North. Very north. It’s supposed to be cold, right? 😉

    Cheers from Texas. South. Very south. Where Summer stretches into November when it wants to…

    • I’m convinced I was swapped at birth with a baby from California. I abhor the cold — thrive in sunny, warm (but not humid) weather). It’s also extremely curious that wherever I travel in the US, people eye me suspiciously when they learn I’m Canadian, announcing, “You don’t sound like a Canadian.” Apparently I even speak with a California ‘accent’. So, really my birth-swapping story is NOT that far-fetched. 😉

  3. Hey Nancy….I’m with Ice_Badger in thinking that this is such a SWEET way to inspire others and stay hopeful….thank you for the awesome idea 🙂 And cold–please! Right now my phone says it’s 106 degrees out…send a bit of that coolness our way! ~Kathy

  4. What a lovely little distraction on the side of the road for you! There’s a run near me and someone has knitted a little (body warmer?!) for a tree. I’ve heard it’s a thing – people knit clothes/covers for inanimate objects in public places. It’s a lot sweeter than it sounds! It’s kind of adorable.
    And I love your documenting of your internal dialogue – I recognise that for sure – that constant back and forth trying to reason with yourself haha! You won!

    • Hi Kate, thanks for taking the time to comment! The knitted stuff sounds awesome. Haven’t spotted any of that yet, but I did see something super cool last November. I was hiking a trail in the woods near my home, trudging through a heavily treed area (mostly pines and spruce), and came upon 4 or 5 trees that were decked out in Christmas ornaments and tinsel. It was the sweetest thing I’d ever seen! I cursed myself for not having my phone with me (couldn’t snap pics) but the mental image is burned in my brain forever. 🙂

  5. How cute! I love creative people.
    My daughter and I were walking recently and we found a key on the ground. Interesting! We wondered who it belonged to. And then, maybe 20 ft away, in a bush, there was another (different kind of) key hanging on a branch! Mysterious and fun. 😀 Made our day. Hmm…is that sad? 😛

  6. Linked to you from Valerie’s blog party.
    Love it! I just “started again” on running and have been loving it. I may have to make some rocks to put along the running routes in the neighborhood.
    “Just keep going!” “You can do it!”
    They can be motivation rocks.
    Of course, I’d have to make them first…

    Great post!

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