week 36 workout summary

So as it turns out, sucky Workout Week 35 wasn’t an anomaly, nor was it necessarily the function of a gruelling cross-country road trip. At least I’m pretty sure it wasn’t, given that I’ve now been sleeping in my own bed for over a week, and yet my ass is still dragging.

There is decidedly less pep in my step.

I’ve never been a day-time nap-taker, and yet every time I was in the car this past week, I dozed off into a deep (if brief) sleep. [Yes, of course someone else was driving. Really, you needed me to clarify that??]

I managed to put in some pretty strenuous workouts, but found myself completely gutted after each one.

That said, I’m really glad to have had the structure of the C25K program as it took the guesswork out of it for me. All I had to do was run for as long as they told me to. Easy peasy. Except for the actual running part. That wasn’t so easy.

Sorry to be such a Debbie Downer, but I’m genuinely puzzled as to why, 9 months into my daily workout regime, I find myself in a place where I’m challenged by workouts that I found do-able just a few weeks ago.

Enough whining about Week 36 being total rubbish. Onward and upward.

Thank you all for your comments, word of encouragement and suggestions.

Workout Summary: Sep 8 – Sep 14, 2013: 

Sunday Sep 8 (Day 251):

  • Run: C25K Program – Week 5, Day 2 (5 min warm-up; 8 min run; 5 min walk; 8 min run; 4 min cool down) 3.58 kms [Note: this was a repeat of Saturday’s run] Avg speed 8:24 min/km / 13:31 min/mile; Fastest lap 7:22 min/km / 12:40 min/mile.

  • Squats: 25 reps X 4 sets = 100

  • Standing Side Leg Raises: 15 reps X 4 sets = 60 (per leg)

  • Standing Backwards Leg Raises: 15 reps X 4 sets = 60 (per leg)

  • Push-ups: 10 reps X 5 sets = 50

Monday Sep 9 (Day 252):

  • Stairmaster: 20 mins, 62 floors climbed

  • BodyPump: 60 mins

  • Walk: Outdoor; 30 mins; 1.75 miles/2.82 kms

Tues Sep 10 (Day 253):

  • Run: C25K Program – Wk 5, Day 3 program (5 min warm-up / 20 min run / 5 min cool down); 3.79 kms; Avg speed 8:06 min/km / 13:03 min/mile; Fastest lap 7:33 min/km / 12:33 min/mile.

  • Elliptical: 30 mins; 2.37 miles/ 3.82 kms

Wed Sep 11 (Day 254):

  • Elliptical: 60 mins; 4.84 miles/ 7.81 kms

  • Strength Training: Load Your Guns program

Thurs Sep 12 (Day 255):

  • BodyPump: 60 mins

  • Run: C25K Program – Wk 6, Day 1 program (5 min warm-up / 5 min run / 3 min walk / 8 min run / 3 min walk / 5 min run / 5 min cool-down) 4.84 kms; Avg speed 7:01 min/km / 11:18 min/mile; Fastest lap 4:24 min/km / 9:44 min/mile.

Fri Sep 13 (Day 256):

  • Elliptical: 45 mins, 3.86 miles / 6.23 kms

  • Core/Strength: Abs of Steel, program 2

Sat Sep 14 (Day 257):

  • Run: C25K Program – Week 6, Day 2 (5 min warm-up / 10 min run / 3 min walk / 10 min run / 5 min cool down*) *Note: I accidently shut the app down at minute 28 (after second run interval) so my final 5 mins was not included in the final distance/speed tally. 3.76 kms; Avg speed 7:37 min/km / 12:16 min/mile; Fastest lap: 7:25 min/km / 12:13 min/mile.

  • BodyFlow: (Tai Chi, Yoga, Pilates combo class); 60 mins


Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

23 thoughts on “week 36 workout summary

  1. I think this happens to everyone…I think there are energy drains on us that we are not even aware of that sometimes make things feel more difficult that they did…yes I know that sounds like a non-explaination…but sometimes you just feel run down for no reason..
    The thing to focus on…is despite feeling rubbish, and finding it hard…you still did really hard work outs! and that is Awesome 😀
    Also consider, you might be working harder in the same work outs now which may be why you find them harder…you put as much effort and energy in as you are able to…as you improve you put more in thus giving the impression that you haven’t improved as you still feel as tired or more tired…

    I am sure you will get back on top of it! you are so determined!

    • Thanks Sam. I’m mostly concerned I may be coming down with something – although so far the only symptoms are fatigue and general doldrums. Hoping it’ll pass soon. Thanks so much for your ongoing support.

      • try lots of vitamin c and zinc to boost your immune system and omega 3 fish oil. also vitmain B complex is good for helping your body get energy from the food you eat. Or possibly you need extra iron…
        I really hope you aren’t coming down with something xx

      • Good advice — thank you.

        I’ve decided to go back to the basics (stuff I was doing way back in March when I wasn’t feeling well): drinking tons more water, adding the multi-vitamins, starting each day with a really healthy breakfast, and having lots of fruit/berries. Those + all this group support is sure to help me shake this. Whatever this is.

      • I am sure you will 🙂

        Going back to basics is a good idea, it is easy to forget that the simple things like drinking plenty of water really make a big difference 🙂

  2. I hate unexplainable blues. They are a total pain and even during them you know nothing is really wrong but you just can’t lift yourself up. Keep going. Eventually the sun will break through and your steps will be lighter. Hugs X

  3. Allergies? My body’s reaction to seasonal allergies isn’t the typical runny nose ,sneezing and watery eyes…..it’s extreme fatigue and mild headache. Persevere 🙂

    • Hmm…never thought of that Joan. More than just the fatigue though, there is a general sense of being down. As Rose called it “the blues” — seems to fit. Hopefully soon to pass. Thanks for your support. Miss you tons and wish we lived closer!

  4. You’re not alone in these funks, Nancy. As long as you know nothing else is wrong, the only thing to do is work through them. But, it’s dang hard. You’re doing such a great job of showing how it is possible to stick to a program, even when it’s hard, even when we don’t feel like it. Thank you for that.

  5. I hate when I get hit with a struggle like what you are going through now… everything is SO HARD! You are doing great, just keep pushing through and soon you will wake up and be full of energy and drive again!

    You are doing AMAZING! Keep at it!

  6. I’m total shit at giving advice. And I hate that because I just want to help everyone but I don’t know the answers. All I have is a tattered little bag of sunshine…

    I still won’t tell you it’s okay to quit. I honestly think you are in a great place. At the end of the year, when you tell your story of your year of sweat, people will be able to relate to you because you will say “It was wonderful – there was that time when everything totally sucked for a bit but I pushed through it and I fucking owned 2013.” Not sure you’d say it like that (well, you might say the “fucking” part…) but you know what I mean. I think this struggle is a beautiful part of your story.

    I think you, and this blog, and your honesty, and your struggle are amazing. Uh. Maiz. Ing.

    Push through knowing that you have at least one, hopeless optimist cheering you on from across the continent…

    Cheers my Fabulous Sole Sister of Sweat and Bad Words 🙂

    • Just when I was getting in a groove, feeling all sorry for myself, there you go – making sense and all. Thanks a lot Ginny. 😛

      G – thank you for saying the right things at the right times. A little bit of sunshine has miraculous healing properties.

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