just call me mrs. brightside

Good riddance to this past week of sweats.

It felt foreign, and embarrassing, to spend time during each workout feeling sorry for myself, and then taking turns fixating on a) the pain, b) my unexplained sluggishness, and c) how much time I had left.

This evening, through a most serendipitous find on the Funny or Die website, I watched the perfect video, at the perfect moment, for me and my sullen psyche.

I watched it. I laughed.

And then I realized that:

In that moment when my workout feels like it will literally break me…

And during those times when my muscles scream from the pain of lactic acid build-up…

And on those days when I feel like a complete failure for not holding a perfect plank…

I must always remember to be super grateful that I am not training with the Fitness Made Difficult guy. 🙂

Turns out the grass is often greener right where you’re standing.

Cheers to the weekend. And to workouts that don’t humiliate you. And cheers to no more whining.

I completed another 7 days of tough daily sweats. I didn’t quit.

Get moving!

xoxo nancy

8 thoughts on “just call me mrs. brightside

  1. Love that video! Love it even more that you continue too push forward. “Turns out the grass is often greener right where you are standing.” Indeed! You didn’t quit. That’s a big deal. I’m so proud of you!

    And of course the grass is always greener under Merrell-shod feet! 🙂


    • Sometimes I just need to remind myself that things could always be worse.
      I’m going thru a rough patch, but I don’t want to wallow. Your Keep Writing post spoke to me on many levels, not just related to writing. Thanks G. Always.

  2. Ha ha hah! Glad he doesn’t come running with me – I’ll remember that next time I feel like I’m gonna die and I want to stop 🙂

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