eye candy – Part I: Fletcher Canyon

Since I’m now embarking on Road Trip: The Sequel, I thought I’d schedule a couple of quick & easy posts focused on some of the hiking I’ve done this past week in Southern Nevada. These posts are light on words but heavy on [hopefully] pretty pictures.

My goal is to tell you a hiking story [mostly] wordlessly. Okay, maybe just a few words paragraphs.

The star of today’s post is the Fletcher Canyon Trail at the Spring Mountains in Southern Nevada. I did this hike on Tuesday [Aug 27th] and I’m still smiling at what a fantastic (and quick!) hike this was. It packed a lot of punch in a short distance.

This trail, running up into the Mt. Charleston Wilderness area, is a 3.6 mile out-and-back hike, with a +1,030′ elevation gain. The trail features a moderately strenuous grade up through the canyon, to a spring, and then runs steeply into a deep, narrow slot canyon with walls that are a about 20 feet wide and about 200 feet high.

The entire hike runs through a deep, heavily forested canyon, surrounded by towering limestone cliffs.

It started to rain just as we got up to the slot canyon, and while I don’t know everything about hiking, I know with absolute certainty that you do not want to be caught in a slot canyon during a storm, with the possibility of flash flooding. We had to cut it short — snapped just a few pics and then high-tailed it back to the trailhead.

I’m looking forward to hitting this trail again, without the threat of death by drowning, and really explore the slot canyon further.

I hope you enjoy the hike through the lens of my camera.

And off we go...

And off we go…


The trail starts off with an easy, gradual grade. 🙂


Nature’s artwork


I wonder how much quicker I’d finish these hikes if I wasn’t snap happy with the camera?


I also have the burning desire to set up a picnic throughout the hike.


Heading into the slot canyon


Getting excited now…I can feel the walls closing in 🙂


Oh yeah baby!


Oh shit…is that rain I feel?


Deep cleansing breaths…


Puts everything in perspective. But crap…thunder. I need to get moving.


Rain or not. I’m happy.

Get moving!

xoxo nancy

12 thoughts on “eye candy – Part I: Fletcher Canyon

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  2. Nancy, do you wear special hiking boots with ankle support or just regular hiking shoes? Some of these trails seem like they would be tough on the ankles….

    • Joan, from late Fall to early Spring I wear my Timberland hiking boots (which I used at BLR). All the hikes I did in Vegas, plus the 12,000′ footer I did in Denver were done using my Merrell low hiking shoes. My boots would have been a better choice for the CO hike, but I didn’t want to lug those clunkers all the way back to TO, where I have no use for them. I did (slightly) roll my ankle Monday; no injury, just scared me for a split second.

      • Nancy – We are sole sisters! I first fell in love with Merrell when I chose to be the black sheep of my hiking group and purchased a pair of low hiking shoes (on sale at Academy!) for a Summer trip to Estes Park, CO (lots and LOTS of hiking). They thought I was a little crazy but when the vacation was over, my feet felt great. And no ankle problems. If I ever decided to hike in colder weather, I would probably go with the high tops. (My first pair of hiking shoes ever were…Timberland 🙂 ) Hell, these days, I’d consider a shorter hike in my San Remos…

        Cheers, Sole Sister!!!

      • I love my Merrell’s – so comfy! The terrain on the CO hike was pretty sketchy (lots of muck/mud, loose gravel, traversing fallen logs – balance-beam style) so in retrospect the high boots may have been smarter.

        And re San Remo’s, definitely! I have actually done some shorter/easier hikes in them. (And am wearing them on this road trip, as I type!).

        Sole sisters indeed!

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