week 33 workout summary

Before I get to the weekly workout summary for Week 33, I wanted to share a quick glimpse into my Toronto to Vegas road trip, as illustrated through numbers:

  • 2,360 – total miles (or 3,800 kms)
  • 34 – total hours of driving time
  • 43 – total hours on the road
  • 23 – years of age [the Red Rocket]
  • 2 – fantastic hosts [The Russian Princess + Prince Charming] during the 2nd night stop-over in Denver
  • 9 – times Madonna’s Immaculate Collection CD was played.
  • 1 – massive sunburn [me]
  • 1 – deep, dark tan [Mr. Enthusiasm]
  • 0 – each of airbags, air conditioning and cup holders 😦
  • 0 – daily workouts missed (HELLZ YEAH!!!)
Road Trip

Road Trip: Go West, young woman! Pickering, ON >> Coralville, IA >> Lone Tree, CO >> Las Vegas, NV


The Red Rocket. Exceptional performance. Now if only she had air bags, air conditioning and cup holders…

Workout Summary: Aug 18 – Aug 24, 2013: 

Sunday Aug 18 (Day 230) – Road Trip Day 1:

*Done at Holiday Inn Express at Coralville, Iowa; 1,200 kms driven; 15 hours on the road.

  • Treading – 42 minutes [For Treading program details – click here.]

  • Renegades – 15 reps, 15 lb dumbbells, 3 sets

  • Push-ups – 10 reps, 3 sets

Monday Aug 19 (Day 231) – Road Trip Day 2:

*Done at the home of the Russian Princess; 1,300 kms driven; 14 hours on the road.

  • Speed Walk – 3k

  • Tank Top Arm Dumbbell Workout: (*Normally I would do 2 of these circuits — or even 3 if I’m feeling ambitious. After 14 hours in a car, one run through was all I had in me on this day.)

    • 10 Push ups

    • 24 Bicep Burners (8 full curls, 8 bottom half curls, 8 full curls)

    • 15 Shoulder Press

    • 10 Push ups

    • 15 Overhead Tricep Extensions

    • 15 Back Rows

    • 15 Lateral Raises

    • 10 Push ups

    • 15 Tricep Kick-backs

Tues Aug 20 (Day 232) – Road Trip Day 3:

*Run in Denver; Push-ups in Vegas; 1,300 kms driven; 14 hours on the road.

  • Run – 30 mins, outdoor, intervals (Done w/the Russian Princess @ 6:00 am in Denver)

  • Push-ups – 10 X 3 sets (done at home in Vegas @ 10:00 pm)

Wed Aug 21 (Day 233):

  • Cardio HIIT – 40 minutes [For Cardio HIIT program details click here.]

  • Daily Butt Workout (Android app – 5 min program) — 2 complete circuits, 60 second break in between:

    • Squats (with 2 X 10 lb dumbbells) for 30 seconds

    • Front Lunges (with 2 X 10 lb dumbbells) for 30 seconds

    • Side Lunges (with 2 X 10 lb dumbbells) for 30 seconds

    • Deadlift (2 X 10 lb dumbbells) for 30 seconds

    • Donkey Kick (Right leg) for 30 seconds

    • Donkey Kick (left leg) for 30 seconds

    • Hip Bridges (2 counts up, 2 counts down) for 30 seconds

    • Leg extensions (lie on stomach, rest forehead on forearms, raise both legs off the ground) for 30 seconds

    • Flutter Kicks (lie on stomach, rest forehead on forearms, flutter alternating legs) for 30 seconds

  • Squats – Traditional: 25 reps * 3 sets

  • Hip Bridges: 25 reps * 2 sets

Thurs Aug 22 (Day 234):

  • Stairmaster – 40 mins; 127 floors climbed

  • Standing Chest Press – 12 reps * 3 sets

  • Lat Pull-Downs – 12 reps * 3 sets

  • Push-ups – 10 * 3 sets

  • Walk – 3.5 kms

Fri Aug 23 (Day 235):

  • Hike: Bristlecone Trail, Spring Mountains – 6 mile loop, 2:20 total time, +1,024′ elev gain. High point: 9,400′

Sat Aug 24 (Day 236):

  • Stairmaster – 60 minutes; 183 floors climbed [*Personal Best: Had never done more than 40 mins on Stairmaster]

  • Chest Training:

    • Reverse Fly – 16 reps * 3 sets

    • Chest Presses – 8 reps * 3 sets

    • Alternating Press – 16 reps * 3 sets

  • Triceps: Skull Crushers – 15 reps * 3 sets

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

20 thoughts on “week 33 workout summary

  1. You. Are. Amazing. I love it that you post these. Total props to you for sticking to your guns even on such a long trip. You rock my sweaty world. I do need to get into some strength training. I do. I keep saying it but that doesn’t get it done. THIS week I will come up with a plan (please hold me to it). For now, I’ll brainstorm while I run. 🙂

    The daily butt workout looks brutal.

    Cheers Warrior Princess of Sweat!!!!

    • Hey G –
      For easy-to-follow, at-home, strength workouts I’d recommend downloading apps for your phone. I have Daily Arm Workout, Daily Leg Workout, Daily Butt Workout. Each follows a 10-exercise pattern that you can perform for a 5 min program (30 seconds per), 8 min program (45 seconds per) or 10 min program (60 seconds per exercise). I usually do the 5 minutes program, repeated 3 times. I am also planning to post more strength workouts on the blog Now Get Moving page — just haven’t gotten around to it yet. If you plan on adding more strength into your workouts, I’d recommend investing in some dumbbells. I’d start with 5 lb’ers and 8 lb’ers. As always, thank you so much for your comments. They mean the world to me!
      xoxo nancy

  2. Geez Nancy…just reading your list and it made me tired! I sure hope you are enjoying the journey cuz that’s pretty essential to my exercise routine. And oye vey! You drove 34 hours in a convertible to Vegas in AUGUST!!!! No wonder your skin was fried….trust me….I grew up in the desert southwest and my skin at 58 shows clearly how I didn’t pay much attention to sun screen…so while you are getting healthy and fit don’t forget your skin. Now, after all that uninvited advice…I did want to say that I admire your persistence! If you can stick to all that while having fun and taking an adventure then you are very close to reaching your goals–and then who knows what’s next!!! ~Kathy

    • Kathy, I think I would have had to have little trained monkeys slathering sunscreen on me every 10 minutes to have prevented the burn. 🙂 Live and learn! Actually, I’m being a bit of a drama queen (as per usual). My face and arms were fine. My ears took the brunt of it. Having always had shoulder length hair, but recently moving to a pixie cut — I completely gapped on the fact that my ears were exposed. Poor puppies looked like those disgusting pig ear things that people buy for their dogs to gnaw on. 😦

  3. you are hilarious!!! keep hiking! 🙂 I’m 7lbs lighter since last Monday… no bread and butter and workouts every day 😉

    • Good eye, Patrick! Yes, it’s a 1990 Saab 900 Turbo. Did 3,800 kms in 3 days, including high altitudes through Colorado, without the slightest of hesitation. They really don’t build them like that anymore.

      • I initially balked when he bought it — but I’ve gotta say, it was a fun ride. And I have immense respect for the quality of that engine, given the paces we put it through.

    • Yeah, flying is a whole lot easier and faster. 🙂 Lisa, thanks so much for your support! I’m still getting used to the idea of providing inspiration to anyone — especially in the area of health/exercise. 🙂

  4. Crikey, was trying to work out who the Red Rocket was 😉

    I like the workouts…especially day 233, I’m a big fan of squatting and dead-lifting! Keep that up for sure!

    Airconditioning in The Red Rocket, no way, that is far too funny!

    • Thanks Baz. I’m missing my BodyCombat classes (at the gym in Toronto) — so am trying to improvise some of the bits by doing weighted squats, lunges, dead lifts, chest presses, etc. I miss my barbell! 😦

  5. Brilliant! Keeping up all those workouts while travelling is just fantastic. I don’t know how you do it, but I’m glad you do cause it makes me believe it is possible that I might one day be that dedicated too 🙂

    • If anyone told me I’d be doing this a year ago Rose, I would tell them to have their head examined! I honestly feel like I got to this place only when something inside me clicked and I realized that I either had to make my health a priority or stop whining about it and making excuses. Thanks so much for your support — and I’m so glad you’re finding such peace and joy in running now!

  6. Okay. It’s Friday and I said I would come up with a plan this week. When I started running about a year ago, I started VERY slowly and on a very easy level. I could walk many, many miles without getting tired but running is an entirely different beast. I couldn’t even jog one tenth of a mile without feeling like I was going to die. (I’m such a weanie). But slowly – oh so slowly – I got better. Stronger.

    I figured this is the way I learn so I tried that approach with strength training. I browsed a few apps and didn’t really find what I wanted. So I did some searching on YouTube. I found a ten minute “easy” workout by some cheerful chick who can do walking planks without getting winded. I tried it the other day and I’m still a little sore. Progress. Love it.

    So for September, I’m going to do this workout twice a week. At the end of the month, I’ll assess how I feel and how I can increase my workout. I have dumbbells but not quite ready to use them (I told you I’m such a weanie!).

    That’s my update. Thanks for posting all of your hard work. I’m so inspired!


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