but why can’t it just be easy?

Last week I tried my first ever BodyCombat class at the gym. I did this, as you might remember, immediately following a 60-minute BodyPump class. I wrote about it here, as I decided to explore the importance of moving outside my own comfort zone.

BodyCombat is an over-the-top energetic program, inspired by mixed martial arts. It draws from a wide variety of disciplines, including: karate, boxing, tae kwon do, tai chi and muay thai. It also beats you to a pulp from a cardio perspective. See what I mean?


Courtesy of LesMills.com

So in doing BodyPump for an hour (average calories burned = ~560), and then following that with an hour of BodyCombat (average calories burned = ~740), I had burned 1,300 calories in just under two hours last Tuesday. Now that’s quite the bang for your buck! And despite all my complaining last week, I got through both of those classes with great energy and good form, and minimal pain and suffering.

So yesterday I told myself, what the heck, why not try it again!

Well, for one reason, because I woke up feeling a bit lethargic; with a scratchy throat, a stubborn dry cough and a slight sniffle. That said, I was the picture of health compared to Mr. Enthusiasm, who looked like death warmed over. He was running a fever and alternating between the sweats and the shivers. I pumped him full of Tylenol, threw a cold compress on his forehead and got the hell out of Dodge before whatever Ebola-like virus infected him could find its way to me. [I’m nurturing like that, FYI.]

I drank a ton of water, downed a green smoothie [buckets of raw baby spinach, almond milk, chia seeds, flax seeds, frozen banana, frozen blueberries + plain Greek yoghurt), and headed to the gym in time for BodyPump.  I got through the class with a decent amount of energy, and managed to lift my standard weight on the bar-bell.

So I decided to just try Combat again. It couldn’t hurt to at least try. Right?

Check out the promotional video to see what good-form BodyCombat looks like:

Now picture me. Dri-fit clothing soaked right through, face and chest all blotchy red from over-exertion, and hair all plastered to my head and wet. Super attractive, right?

I’m sure several people had the paramedics on speed dial — just in case the old blonde chick keeled over from heart failure.

My body was screaming, “Okay Sweaty Girl, it’s time to go home and have a protein shake. Then maybe a soak in the tub with Epsom Salts. And, possibly a Hot Toddy just in case you are really sick.”

Dismissing the voices, I dug in, attempting to channel my inner warrior, and gave it everything I had inside me. I can tell you, from having seen myself in the wall of mirrors, that I looked nothing like the lovely warrior princess in the promotional video above. But I got the job done.

It took everything out of me. More so than last week, which feels like a backwards slide. I hope that it’s simply due to my kinda under-the-weather’ish feeling [Note: I am NOT sick. I refuse to get sick.] and not that I’m actually in worse overall condition than I was a week ago.

I know there will be a learning curve for Combat, just like there is with any new activity I try. And I know I need to cut myself more slack. What I’m doing is pretty freaking awesome.

Even if I look completely uncoordinated and utterly spastic while doing it, I am a warrior.

One of my shots taken at Big Bear Lake, CA. The quote is from A League of Their Own.

Get moving!

xoxo nancy

8 thoughts on “but why can’t it just be easy?

  1. You kill me! I LOVE to read your posts. They keep me laughing. Mostly because I totally connect to what you are saying. The only way we can really get to where we want to go is to drive into the difficult. But oh man, it sucks sometimes…

    I’ve been working on a post with a similar theme (not taking the easy way out). I considered not posting it. But after reading this, I think I will. It’s a great message. You inspire me so much!

    Two Side Notes:
    1) When I clicked on the video it gave me this message “this video does not exist”. I’ll go look it up on a YouTube search anyway but I thought you might want to know.
    2) Yea for chia seeds in your smoothie! I love em!

    • Ginny, you made my morning! Now, if only you lived closer so I could bring you to BodyCombat class as my reinforcement. Some tall chick with freakishly long legs came thisclose to kicking me several times yesterday. In fairness to her though, I was bobbing and weaving like a drunk walking the sobriety test line. 🙂

      Thanks for the note about the video. I *think* I got it fixed now. And chia seeds rock!

      • I watched it. Wow. She rocks. YOU rock. I used to take Tae Kwon Do. I can’t even remember what belt I made it to. I do at least five minutes (lame, I know) of TKD patterns a day in case I ever go back and get my black belt. I can’t imagine doing a full workout of all those moves. Go you!! Even bobbing and weaving, you did it. That counts!!!

  2. I have done my fair share of Body Pump and Body Combat over the years 🙂 they are both pretty hard workouts, well done on doing both!
    Mind you the more actual Thai boxing / Savate / whatever martial art / fighting sport is my current favorite, the less I am able to do Body COmbat, I miss actually hitting stuff 😉

    no….I am not violent…honest

  3. Wow, well done for completing both this week. This is the point where true winners are made, not using a sluggish feeling as an excuse but a challenge! I often find i can do a workout one week and its easy and another its completely draining.
    Obviously this could be a slight Illness, if your bodys fighting a virus, it is reserving your energies for this so you have less readily available, sometimes the food you have been eating earlier that day/the day before can effect the energy you have and also for us women, where you are in your cycle effects your workouts as well.
    So alot to consider, its brilliant to see you go for it anyway and hopefully by next week you’ll be reporting full energies again. 🙂 Good job!

    • Thanks Kirsty! The back-to-back sessions are a killer, but no different than the days of torture I endured at Fitness Ridge last November (the Biggest Loser Resort). We did approx. 6 to 6.5 hours of workouts per day for a week. So, I guess I really should stop complaining about 120 minutes in a row. 🙂

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