you found me… how???

Every now and then I like to channel my inner geek and delve into some of the site statistics which WordPress kindly provides me concerning this blog. This helps me to better understand who is visiting, where they’re from, and what they find interesting.

On a daily basis I usually check on how many visitors have stopped by, and I also take note of which posts they took the time to read, like or comment on. [By the way, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU for taking that time to read, like, comment or share to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. It means more to me than you’ll ever know.]

On occasion I dive deeper into other interesting stats, like what links they clicked on (inside of the posts), and how they found my site in the first place.

When they find me through Google, I can then dive into the specific search terms that caused Google to direct them to my blog.

You could call many of those search terms entertaining. And many of them leave me feeling like this…

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

And then there are those which cause me to spew my water [coffee/ wine/ tequila… whatever I’m drinking at the time] out of my nose and mouth as I snort and choke on my sudden laughter.

Those make my life. And I’m so delighted that Google shares them with me. 🙂

I’m sharing a small sampling of the non-offensive (but still quite entertaining) ones with you in today’s post. In all cases the search term is presented to you exactly as it was typed by the individual doing the search (including any spelling errors). The [comments which follow] are all mine.


  • my laptop screen sweats  [Wow…really? Better get that looked at. Seriously. Call the experts!]
  • running sucks  [I can TOTALLY relate. Welcome friend.]
  • sweating after eating coconut  [I really hope this person got to either a medical site or saw a real doctor. Methinks they may have a severe food allergy.]
  • thanks for sweating my morning  [Umm…?]
  • that was the truth  [Yay! So glad that search term resulted in my blog!]
  • sweats pouring down face and not going wee  [Oh my… Not going wee isn’t an issue for me. After two 9-lb babies /natural childbirth. I go wee all the damned time.]
  • where can I buy coronarita glasses  [I haven’t the foggiest idea. But if you find them, can you come back and leave a comment letting me know? I’d love some! Coolest drink ever!
  • how to expose a control freak  [Control freak? Me?? No comment.]
  • only big azz for me!!!  [Listen, I will own my shit and I’ve tried to be as truthful and vulnerable as I can on this blog. I hated my belly (upper and lower abdominal area all generally sucked) but I always thought my ass was pretty good for a chubby chick. I take offense that Google would send a “big azz” lover my way. Screw you Google!]
  • too many carbs bad sweat  [See comment above to sweaty coconut eater.]
  • why do I sweat so much when I do Tai Chi  [Are you doing it outdoors in the summer? I’m no doctor, but that could be it.]
  • hairy big sleeping  [I don’t even want to know how this resulted in a referral to my blog.]
  • my friend stole my gears  [Maybe your friend needed the gears more than you did?… I dunno. At a loss. I’m not sure I’ve ever even used the word ‘gears’ on this blog.]
  • yogurt makes me sweat  [See comment above to sweaty coconut eater and carb-aholic.]
  • princess of sweat  [HELLZ YEAH!!! I’ve been secretly wishing someone would give me a cool-ass nickname. Behold…I am the Princess of Sweat!]

Just one more reason I love this blog. It gives back so much more than I put in. 🙂

I hope this silliness made you smile half as much as reading them the first time made me smile.

Get Moving!

xoxo nancy

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26 thoughts on “you found me… how???

  1. One of my favorite Blogs is Hiking to Healthy. Yesterday, I was reading her Post and Ileft a comment for her. I read your comment and I liked it. So I “Checked you out” and I liked your Blog also, so as they say, the rest is ……. Come visit me @ and join be on my Trek……. Buen Camino, Bob

  2. hahahaha! I love those 🙂
    If more people read my blog I might get some interesting ones…the only ones from google so far are “sticky wednesday” and “correct burpees”
    I have no idea what the “sticky wednesday” person was looking for…but I bet it wasn’t a blog post on morris dancing!

  3. I think I found your blog through a comment you left somewhere out there in blog land. My first smile while reading this came from Arnold’s (Gary Coleman’s) pic and that quote. I actually use that all the time. 😛

    Your list made me laugh out loud. Sincerely. Tears and everything.

    In my efforts to reduce all the “extras” in my life, I cut Pinterest. It was one of my favorite sources for a laugh. I do miss the humorous stuff. Had to wade through a lot of lame NOT funny crap to get to it but the keepers kept me laughing.

    You give me hope that I will find funnies along the way. Keepers that I can come back to without having to read a bunch of lame jokes to get there. I’m “keeping” this one by copying it to my Everrnote “Funnies” Notebook. I’m still chuckling over “only big azz for me”.

    You and this blog are one of my favorite things about being a blogger. Rock on, Princess of Sweat!!!

    • Pinterest…What a colossal time-sucker. GAH! I spent over an hour on it the other day as I searched for recipes for home made sugar/salt body scrubs. Thanks for choosing to spend time with me Ginny — means more than you know! Sincerely, No-Longer-A-Big-Azz. 😉

      • Most of them seemed to point to a 2:1 (or 3:1) ratio of salt and/or sugar to the oil of choice + some essential oil for scent. I didn’t have essential oil when I made my first batch, so I did a combo of sugar (white + brown) with coconut oil + extra virgin olive oil + lemon and orange zest. I wasn’t super happy with the result, texture wise. Would love to hear your recipe!

  4. I am glad to hear there are other people pondering the greatest question of the universe. I’ve been going though that a lot recently. In June and July, my book sales picked up. Being a self-published author, I’m left with the burning need to know what caused the increase so I can keep doing that. Is it my blog? Is it Facebook? Google +? My giveaways? DEAR GOD, WHAT IS IT?!?!?! (My beau catches me screaming this at my laptop all of the time.) If I knew what was working, then I would focus more attention on that. Unfortunately, there seems to be no real way of telling. So for now, I can only laugh at one of the most popular Google searches that brings people to my blog, ‘penis problem’. No joke. People are constantly landing on my blog with that search.

    Sigh, technology. It is a crazy thing!

  5. I don’t know how I found you! I think you found me and than I fell in love back! LOL I like reciprocation!

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