trading in my pogača for a muffin never tasted so good

As I’ve mentioned numerous times over the past few months, I love, love, love my BodyPump classes at the gym. In addition to the fact that they are helping me add muscle so much faster than any other form of exercise I’ve done for the past 6 months, there is just something so totally… bad-ass about working out with a bar-bell.

Here, have a look. Tell me you wouldn’t feel like a total monster doing this!

Since I started taking this class I have made a point of snagging a space in the exact same spot in the room, to the front and right of the stage where the instructor leads class. This spot gives me unobstructed views into all mirrored walls directly ahead of me and to my immediate right side.

Initially I happened into that spot having arrived late for my first ever class. And, boy, it was pretty intimidating having to look at my own reflection throughout each squat, lunge, bicep curl and clean & press.

But then I took a step back and realized that I was kind of impressed with what I saw. My form was pretty darned good. I looked strong, capable…and sweaty!

I did notice, however, that during the least flattering of these moves [the squat], my problematic above-the-belly-button bulge would make an appearance with each sink downward, loudly declaring to the world, “Hello! Look at me! I’m a muffin-top!”.  Funny thing is though, that rather than be embarrassed by it, or hate it, I actually smiled and took pride in it.

See, my muffin-top used to be more of a pogača-top.

What is a pogača, you ask? Well, first off it’s phonetically pronounced poh-gah-cha, and it is a little piece of heaven in the form of a Balkan-style unleavened bread. It is served at Easter, Christmas, and any occasion in between.

We Macedonians even dance with a giant pogača at our weddings. Trust me. You might want to hit up YouTube for some fun video proof. I wouldn’t dare share someone else’s wedding video, no matter how hilarious, and even though they’ve shared it with the universe via the world-wide web. You’ll need to seek that out on your own. 😉

I digress.

Point being: When you used to have a pogača-top, and you’ve managed to shrink it to a muffin-top…that’s pretty f’ing awesome! A muffin never looked so good, or made me so happy!

I can now grab that [much smaller] protrusion of flesh in my hands and squeeze it while threatening with my best Dirty Harry impression. Now listen here you puny little muffin. I killed that big-ass pogača, and I’m gunning for you next. So you best be finding somewhere else to hang out. Capiche? 

To everyone who has changed their “thunder thighs” into barely-a-rumble thighs, and those who have turned their “love handles” into teensy-tiny finger-holds, and those who’ve switched out their spare tire for a bicycle tire… CONGRATULATIONS!

You are a rock star!

You are a warrior!

Baby, you’re a firework!

Keep up the great work everyone.

Get moving.

xoxo nancy

4 thoughts on “trading in my pogača for a muffin never tasted so good

  1. Another thought….I have a little coffee cake 🙂 between my hip joints and my belly button – a small little coffee cake that will never go away….unless I lose another 10-12 lbs. However, When I have lost those lbs in the past, my boobs go away and my face looks skeletal 😦 Sometimes a little coffee cake is a good thing!

    • Embrace your coffee cake my dear! The below the belly button pooch is easily disguised. It’s the above the line stuff that everyone gets to see. 🙂 And to your point, if a little coffee cake means keeping boobs and a healthy face, giddy up! Love that coffee cake! 🙂

  2. I love your attitude! We’re so quick to criticize ourselves without giving credit for our accomplishments. Sounds like you’re making great strides, and with every improvement, it makes it that much harder to slip into old ways.

    • It’s been a long time comin’, this attitude I mean. I’m so grateful to finally be here, and finally…FINALLY…take pride in my body. For all its remaining faults, I have learned to love and respect it. And I know I can push it just that much harder! 😉

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