can I offer my opinion?…

I’ll admit it. The kinder, gentler, Zen-vibing me sometimes struggles to maintain her Buddha-like peaceful demeanor.

What rattles my cage, you ask?

Well, for one, people who use their cell phones at the gym. The worst offenders are the ones who walk on the treadmill while talking [too loudly] into their smartphones. But even those who text during slow pedaling revolutions of the recumbent bike, or those playing Candy Crush during sets on the weight machines fully challenge my calm, cool, centered persona. Scratch that. I want to punch them in the back of the head.

With everything inside me I want to walk right up and tell them they’d probably have a slight chance of actually losing a pound or two if they actually thought about busting a sweat, rather than treating the visit to the gym as a momentary slow-down in their social/work/play schedule.

It shouldn’t bother me what other people do. But it does.

I shouldn’t give a second thought to why someone who looks young, able-bodied, capable is barely moving his/her legs on the elliptical. Yet, every fiber of my being wants to go over and ask them, “Is that really the best you can do? Really???”

It’s moments like this that I can totally relate to Larry David. I mentioned in a previous post about an ex-boss who was pretty much Larry David’s long-lost twin. But I would rival even him for my own LD moments.

As I was pulling together my thoughts for this post, I thought of one specific episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm where LD also feels the need to question someone’s effort.

In this scene, a guy parks way outside the lines, and LD calls him on it.

Oh, the number of times I’ve done this. Albeit my victim is always Mr. Enthusiasm. I’d conservatively say that pretty much every second or third of his parking attempts [of the Monster Truck] at our condo in Vegas results in me asking him, “Is that the best you could do?”  Mr. E often responds by flipping me the bird. So I guess I should take that as a yes, that is the best he could do.

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During my week-long stay at The Biggest Loser Resort in November 2012, I also witnessed people half-ass’ing it. And it drove me ape-shit. How could you spend all that money and then not give it your all? Look, I’ll admit that I sucked ass the first few days I was there, but it was not for lack of trying. My body broke down completely before it clicked into gear and started firing on all cylinders. And while the end of the week was much stronger than the beginning of the week, I feel proud of the effort I put in each and every day I was there, no matter how sick or broken I felt.

Now that things are rockin’ for me, health and fitness wise, I guess the piece that I really do struggle with (all kidding aside) is when it is or isn’t appropriate to offer advice or an opinion to someone who is either struggling, and/or lacks the know-how to even set up small baby-step-type goals.

Will I come off as the Larry David sticking-your-nose-in-someone-else’s-business type, or will the person actually be grateful for the knowledge being shared?

It’s a tough call.

In the meantime, I will continue to silently judge the too-slow treadmill walkers and recumbent bike riders talking too loudly on cell phones that they shouldn’t be using in a gym. Because they are just stupid.

And, as my favourite material girl, Madonna, says, “Listen, everyone is entitled to my opinion”. That’s my girl!

Get moving!

xoxo nancy


4 thoughts on “can I offer my opinion?…

  1. thankfully people don’t do that at my gym…there are even signs up saying mobile phones are not allowed except for listening to music on.
    I am guilty of simmilar rants, people who walk / slowly for ages barely breaking a sweat then lift 1kg weights a couple of times…this is not pushing yourself…and one day when your superhuman metabolism breaks you will wish you had got into better habits…

    that metabolism bit…that is mainly wishfull thinking…

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