here’s one for the dreamers: dream a little dream with me

‘A  dream doesn’t become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and  hard work.’ `Colin Powell

What did you want to be when you were a kid? Ballerina? Astronaut? Actress? Fireman? Singer?

Me, at age 11, I wanted to interview people. Not as a news reporter, rather more of a Diane Sawyer or Barbara Walters type. I wanted access to all the stars, and I wanted to ask them the most hard-hitting questions.  What’s your favourite colour? Do you like to swim? Do you have a girlfriend? [That one was meant for Leif Garrett.]

I would spend hours with my tape recorder, in very schizophrenic-like improv sessions, where I would play both interviewer and interviewee, complete with voice impressions, accents, and over-the-top diva-esque personas.  I found those cassettes (and a tape recorder) about 25 years ago and listened. Wow.  Talk about commitment. I threw myself into those performances. Not sure if I’m more disturbed or impressed by that.

I think my vast imagination stemmed from all the reading I did.

For as long as I remember, I was a voracious reader, making short work of each new Nancy Drew mystery novel as soon as it arrived. It wasn’t until junior high though that I realized I also love to write.  Thank you, Mrs. Dyer [Grade 7 English], for teaching me the fundamentals of grammar. I know I don’t always follow grammar rules to the letter of the law [primarily because I try to write this blog “in my own voice”], but I’m eternally grateful that I have all the tools to express myself through both written and spoken words.

I don’t think I ever gave a moment’s thought to becoming a professional writer, and never even considered studying journalism or English in college, yet I loved the act of writing. Instead, when it came time to choose a major, I picked accounting. WHAT? WHY?? I hated math. I hated numbers in general. And yet I wound up studying  accounting. It was safe. What’s the old adage?… Accountants are the first ones in and last ones out.

It took 3 jobs and 2 kids for me to finally snap out of that nonsense, and realize that I hate accounting. I’d rather eat worms than prepare an income statement. And that’s when I transitioned into marketing and eventually sales. I was a whole lot happier, and the money was a whole lot better. That said, the only writing I got to do was in the form of business letters, sales proposals, marketing collateral and, oh, about a thousand emails a day. I exaggerate. Not really though. It was a shit-ton of emails.

This journey of sweat has provided many gifts, with this blog perhaps being the biggest one of all. It started out as a real-time chronicle of my progress against the goal of 365 days of sweat in 2013, but it quickly transformed into a tool of self-discovery. It has allowed me to explore my innermost thoughts, fears and anxieties. And, it also served to remind me of the pure joy I get from writing.

So, dear friends, as I type this post from 35,000 feet today, I stop to ponder…

When, exactly, do we give up our child-hood dreams? And, at what age is it okay to become a dreamer again? When our kids are grown? When our mortgages are paid off? When we retire from our “real jobs”s?

And I also ask myself… do I dare to dream?

Can I take this journey, this blog, and create something from it? A book. Something to package up and share with the world.

It’s scary, yes, but I also know that people self-publish all the time these days. I’m not trying to minimize things here; I know it would be a huge amount of work. It will take a vast amount of knowledge in the areas of publishing, marketing, social media and general business. And I’m sure it will also take a solid dose of good luck.


The good news is that I’ve got 6 months to go before I’m ready to give birth to my ‘book’. Someone could talk some sense into me between now and then. Or perhaps my hypothesis [how prioritizing exercise over diet as a long-term way to lose weight and improve health] may not be realized. Maybe I won’t lose these next 15 lbs in the next 6 months. But I really do believe I will.

Beyond the physical though, I guess what I’m hoping is that the inner transformation is just as, or more, impactful [and entertaining] to prospective readers.

Am I crazy? Is this just a pipe dream? Or would people have interest in reading about this journey?

I normally don’t push for comments or feedback on my blog posts; although I am so unbelievably appreciative whenever you do take the time to share yours. Today though, I’ll shamelessly ask for your opinion. I could really use a gut-check on this one. Is the subject matter in this blog interesting or compelling enough to hook a reader into the journey from day one through to day 365? Your honest feedback is hugely valuable to me!

With immense gratitude,

xoxo nancy

p.s. Don’t forget to Get Moving!  Travel days are no excuse to skip a workout. I am lacing up the running shoes as soon as I get to my hotel.


10 thoughts on “here’s one for the dreamers: dream a little dream with me

  1. Nancy, I find your blog posts interesting to read and they challenge me to think about what is going on in my life…if only I could run. I never really enjoyed running and two back surgeries have ended all possibilities. I do hope to get back into cycling…my new goal. I always loved to draw. In the 8th grade I was first introduced to drafting. In high school I continued learning drafting through a Regional Occupational Program. This then became my major in college. I have been a draftsman for 32 years now. So some kids do follow their dreams. I think that you should follow your dream and become a writer. A book to inspire a young mind to follow their dream would be a good subject based on this post. Patrick

    • Patrick, thank you so much for your thoughtful comment, and congratulations to you for pursuing your dream! Way, way, way cool! Re: getting into cycling. A good friend of mine just went through a massive knee surgery a couple months back and he is now a cycling machine. Sounds like a great goal to set for yourself! I’ll be cheering you on from Toronto or Las Vegas, depending on the day! Nancy

  2. Nancy,
    While cleaning out e-mails I came across this blog of your that I hadn’t read (shame, shame – I was on vacation). I think it would be terrible if you DIDN’T create some type of cohesive account of this year!! Certainly a book! Contact BLR, they’ll surely love the publicity. Your style, humor and insight is a fantastic read! GO FOR IT!!

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