is the glass half empty or half full?

Today marks 6 months complete on this, my one year journey of daily workouts. 181 consecutive days of sweat. Come to think of it, with 184 days left to go, I’m not really at the halfway point yet. 🙂  So am I nearly halfway done? Or do I have over halfway yet to go?

But more importantly, who really cares? Certainly not me. Not anymore, that is.

I’ve learned to embrace the journey. It’s no longer about day 42 or day 128 or day 180. It’s about embracing my new life. A life that holds my health as a top priority. A life that has me yearning to move if I sit still too long. A life that finds me creating happiness from the inside out. Not from the outside in, as had been my experience for most of my ‘pre-year of sweat’ life.

So what am I doing to celebrate my nearly halfway mark in this journey?  …Wait for it…

Drum roll please…

I, my friends, am going …camping. Not glamping; but actual, good ol’ old-school camping. In a tent. With no electricity.

I know, I know…   Trust me. I know.

But it will be fine.

It’s only one night.

Have I convinced you yet? Have I convinced myself??

We are headed to Presqu’ile Provincial Park, which should be quite lovely, assuming the weather holds up.

Presqu'ile Provincial Park, Presqu'ile Marsh

Presqu’ile Provincial Park.
Photo credit: Wikipedia

We’ve been experiencing tons of rain and gloomy weather in the Toronto area, but I’m channeling my inner optimist, and crossing fingers and toes that we’ll stay warm and dry tonight.

And why, pray tell, am I doing this?…

My 20 year old son requested the impromptu getaway, and trust me, anytime your adult child asks to voluntarily spend time with you, you would kill anyone who stood in your way move mountains to make it happen.  This is a rare occurrence, to be sure.

My 6’2 baby wants to go camping. So camping it is. And, as much as I am joking [sort of] about the conditions (tent, lack of power, etc.), the truth is I’m looking forward to just unplugging for a day. Embracing nature. Making connections that aren’t of the electronic variety.

And also hoping there are some really cute antique shops in the town nearby. 😉

Get moving!

xoxo nancy

7 thoughts on “is the glass half empty or half full?

  1. I have learned over the years the best way to really know someone is to go camping with them for several days. I hope you and you son have a great time. Camping allows us to escape civilization and enjoy being in God’s creation without the distractions of everyday life. Fun Fact: When an engineer looks at a half full or half empty glass of water they see a container that is too large for its contents.

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