it kinda snuck up on me this time: milestone #4 achieved

Another very short (and super sweet!!) post today. This one literally hit me when I noticed the calendar at the bottom right of my laptop screen this morning. Today is my 120th consecutive day of sweat!!!



Hip-hip….HOORAY!    Hip-hip….HOORAY!   Hip-hip…HOORAY!

Ironically enough, I will probably end up shy of my daily goal of burning 2,470 calories. I opted for the 60-minute BodyPump class at the gym, followed by a 2 mile run — but had to high-tail it home to grab some lunch and an ATM before my 1pm hair appointment — so that’s the full extent of today’s workout, which is not enough (typically) to hit a 2,500 calorie burn.

I went even shorter [which seemed impossible] and even lighter [officially platinum blonde] today — a true testament to my growing self-confidence. A growth, no doubt, fueled by the steps I’ve taken on this journey of sweat.

When I got home, I went to my favourite pastime, my daily dose of Lainey Gossip. We’ve already established how absolutely crazy I am about all things pop culture […the smuttier the better, in terms of what’s really going on behind the scenes!], so I truly love me some Lainey. In addition to the good old fashioned’ smut though, Lainey also has a lifestyle section (eat your heart out Goop-y). [Bonus points to anyone who gets the goop reference..]

One of her regular contributors is her personal trainer, Hayley McGowan. Hayley wrote a post today that is definitely worth sharing with you. Her post is focused on a topic near and dear to my heart: the fear of failing.



I can 100% relate to this — as I’m sure many of you can. It really can be paralyzing, this irrational need to be great or ‘the best’ at things. When the fear of being something less than perfect exists, for me it was easier to take a pass on that thing, and instead do what I know I’m good at. A total cop-out. And an attitude that robbed me of some great experiences in the past.

Getting over my fear of failure has been the single biggest win in this journey thus far. [The lifted ass and flatter tummy aren’t so bad as side benefits.]  Acknowledging the fear, then embracing it, and then moving through it, knowing the risk of failure absolutely exists, is a powerful thing.



There is much strength and power in vulnerability.

Be proud of yourself for doing something, when so many others simply choose to do nothing. I know I am.

Get moving!

xoxo nancy

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4 thoughts on “it kinda snuck up on me this time: milestone #4 achieved

    • 2,470 is the daily goal. I get there maybe 3 days a week. Really, really hard to get to that many without putting in 3+ hours of exercise. That’s why Saturday was so impressive with over 2,900! 🙂 Thanks for the love and support Joan! When are you headed back to BLR?

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