a very good Saturday!



Today’s post will be short and sweet. And, also pretty boastful. [Don’t say I didn’t warn you. Look away if you must.]

Drumroll please….

I hit 4 personal bests yesterday!

  • 10.26 miles on the elliptical (previous high was 9 miles)
  • a total burn of 2,910 calories (my daily goal is 2,470)
  • 25,543 steps for the day (my daily goal is 10,000)
  • 2:01 mins of vigorous exercise (my daily goal for vigorous is 30 mins)  [nb: I also did 42 mins of moderate exercise (which was not a personal best) – my daily goal is 60, which I normally have zero issue attaining]

To put this in better perspective, I have to work really hard to get to a 2,470 calorie burn daily. Many Most days I end up at around 2,300. I’ve never been higher than 2,650 (before yesterday). So hitting 2,910 yesterday was a really, really big deal.

To add a bit more colour, the only activity which normally registers as “vigorous” on my BodyMedia armband is …running. So to hit 2 hours of vigorous is a huge feat in and of itself. To do so, I had to maintain approximate 165 RPM for the 2 hours.

I saw a motivational quote a few weeks ago. It went something like this:

“One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn’t do what it just did.”

I’m so excited to continue to push myself and set new targets. I’m hoping that some crazy-ass hikes next month will see my steps and calorie burn targets reaching new personal bests. I’m also excited to incorporate some cycling into my workouts now that my hip flexor /IT Band injury is improving.

I promised to keep this one short, so I’ll leave you with one final thought. Not to sound overly melodramatic, but, seeing what my body can do, when challenged, is nothing short of mind-blowing.

I’m in awe of how resilient and capable my body is.

Today I’ll feed it well and show it kindness by doing a moderate and restorative  workout.

Love and respect your body, friends. Be good to it, and it will be good to you. One final mantra for the day:



Get moving!

xoxo nancy

5 thoughts on “a very good Saturday!

  1. What did you do to get all the vigorous time?! I work my A** off and it registers like 5 minutes?!! Plenty of moderate…but the vigorous is a,bitch 🙂

    • Hey Joan, like I wrote in the post, it’s normally only running that will register as vigorous, however I’ve found if I go fast enough on elliptical, that also reads as vigorous. My pace was about 160-180 RPMs. 🙂

  2. I absolutely love that motivational quote! As I’ve started running, I notice each week how much faster and stronger I’m getting and it’s amazing to think where our bodies can take us if we let them!

    • Amen sister 😉 The analogy that hit home for me the most was the idea of how well we treat our nice cars (super premium gasoline; regular oil changes, etc.) and yet we’re often times happy to just throw garbage in our bodies (or worse, starve them!) and then wonder why they don’t look great, or aren’t responsive when we lace up the running shoes… I keep saying it, and I’ll say it again: this is not rocket science. Keep running Foxy! Cheering you on from my treadmill/elliptical/rowing machine.

      • Thanks! I’m cheering you on too! And I love that metaphor – I’m going to have to steal it! 🙂 It makes sense to think about how we’re fueling our bodies if we want results 🙂

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