my neighborhood – in pictures

This morning I found a “challenge” issued by The Daily Post to create a post exclusively on my smart phone, made up of pictures of “My Neighborhood”.

At first I dismissed it, thinking that’s not my style, but then I realized that this format would be a great way to showcase the diversity of outdoor workouts I experienced this week, all around my neighborhood.

As my regular readers know, in my quest to get my daily sweat in, I often look for outdoor “gym” environments to provide some beauty and visual interest to my grind. So, in line with today’s challenge, today’s blog post is a photo essay versus the lengthy prose you may be used to from me. I hope you find the images as delightful as I did when snapping them! All photos were taken with my LG Optimus Elite, and this entire post was created on my mobile device. Here goes.

At my home here in Vegas, on any given day an outdoor workout could mean a run through Floyd Lamb State Park at Tule Springs, an oasis in the desert:


The main traffic around the pond is in the form of hundreds of ducks, geese and other water fowl.


If you’re lucky, like I was this week, you’ll encounter a peacock eager to impress you with his feathery show:


Such a braggart!

The beauty of living in Vegas is that a day later, I decided to hike up in the Spring Mountains. I opted for the Bristlecone Trail, passing the Las Vegas Ski & Snowboard Resort:


The trail was snow covered, making the hike extra challenging.


I got approx 1.5 miles in before the trail disappeared and every step forward resulted in me sinking into two feet of snow. In capri-length yoga pants. 😦  So I threw in the towel and retraced my steps,back to the trail head, sulking the entire time. I hate not making the summit on a hike.

Yesterday I took on Red Rock Canyon, my favorite hiking spot, and so close to home. I’ve been hiking there for almost 3 years, but had never taken on the challenge of Turtlehead Peak.


It’s described as a “difficult” hike (I find “moderate” ones to be challenging!); it’s over 5 miles round trip, but consists of mad scrambles for approx 1/3 of the journey. Oh, and it boasts an elevation gain of 2,000+ feet to summit.


There she is.


The trail is nice and flat here. That ended soon enough. 🙂


The strenuous hike up offered breathtaking views, including the iconic swath of fiery red cutting through the range:


And when I finally summited, the unobstructed view of my city, including the famous “Strip”, from end to end.


I love the diversity of my second home, Las Vegas. From oases in the desert to snow covered mountains to colorful prehistoric rocks. My neighborhood provides beautiful, challenging and diverse options while I pursue my fitness goals.


Get moving!

xoxo nancy

33 thoughts on “my neighborhood – in pictures

    • Thanks Annie! It is very beautiful, and a real shame that most visitors never bother leaving The Strip to discover what lies 20 mins outside of the Vegas that everyone knows about.

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    • Funny you should say that because I often tell people that I feel more connected to the divine (whatever that means to you) on top of a mountain than I ever have in any house of worship. There’s a sense of peace and pure joy, as well as connectedness to the universe that I get in the mountains that nothing else even comes close to.

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  13. Great photos Nancy! Like you, I’ve been involved in a nutritional program this past year (Precision Nutrition). Aside from lifting weights twice a week, I keep fit by walking my neighborhood, the metroparks and art museums, galleries and exhibitions.

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