forming a habit while adapting to a changing environment

Today’s post is being written at 30,000 feet. Sorry for any turbulence-induced typos. 😉

For the past 59 days that I’ve been on the mission of daily sweat, I’ve had the luxury of a very flexible schedule. I could workout first thing after waking up, in the middle of the day, or just before bed, depending on my mood. This is one of the many perks of being unemployed. Even though I’ve been doing some management consulting work for the past 8 months or so, I’m still very much the master of my own calendar and schedule. Sticking to my goal of 365 days of sweat in 2013 has definitely been made a whole lot easier by the lack of other demands on me.

That all changed this week. Not only did I have plans to travel from Toronto to Las Vegas on Tuesday, via the most convoluted route you could ever imagine (think Planes, Trains and Automobiles…), but I also learned that a prospective employer was flying me from Vegas to San Francisco today (Thursday) for a presentation early tomorrow morning.

In addition to the significant prep work I’ve been doing in building and rehearsing that presentation, I’ve also had to prioritize on making time to get a good workout in each day.

It would have been pretty easy to tell myself that I’ve got some very important stuff going on this week (which I do), and that I should focus on nailing that (which I should). It’s not unreasonable to just skip one or two days of working out, and then get right back into the routine once I’m done with the presentation tomorrow afternoon. Funny thing is though…I never once considered it. No really, it didn’t even cross my mind as a possibility.

According to the World of Psychology, it takes 66 days to form a habit. Apparently I got there in just under 59! [Note to self, see I am fastest at something!] Working out is now just part of my daily routine. Kind of like brushing my teeth. Or eating. Or breathing. 🙂

This morning I hit the gym and did 40 minutes of Treading. I’ll be back home in Vegas tomorrow at 3:00 pm, so really I could have just chalked up my Treading as today’s workout, and then not have to deal with another workout until tomorrow late afternoon when I’m back home. Instead, I packed my runners, dri-fit shorts/top for some workouts, San Francisco-style.

189813_4793708473_1666_nI plan to ditch my bags in the room as soon as I arrive, and then put my “sensible shoes” on and walk this cool city! I’m staying right downtown, so there will be more to see and do than I have time for. And I’m looking forward to the hilly streets providing some added challenge.

Tonight, the plan is to do some body weight resistance exercises in the room. Tomorrow morning, I may hit the gym for a quick cardio blast before my 8am breakfast meeting. Then again, I may decide to just do a good stretch combo of yoga and pilates moves.

Yes, I want to work-out while I’m in San Francisco, but it’s not for the reason you might think. Tonight and tomorrow morning won’t be about getting the obligatory sweat in. Rather, they will be a great way for me to channel a ton of nervous energy into something that is actually good for me. Exercise: the gift that keeps giving.

Wish me luck y’all.

Get moving!

xoxo nancy

12 thoughts on “forming a habit while adapting to a changing environment

  1. I think that a daily goal is a great idea, though it being to make yourself sweat is a unique approach to getting/staying fit. I don’t think I’ve heard it ever presented that way before. Pretty smart actually, keeps the goal reachable and present every day, like you said as if it’s brushing your teeth. The focus isn’t on this huge, seemingly unobtainable task, the goal becomes a simple, ‘did I do this today or not?’ good post.

  2. Thanks B. Referring to my workouts as “sweat” is simply about defining the activity. How many times have you gone to the gym and seen people who leave there as dry (and made up/hair done) as when they arrived? That’s not a workout to me. If I’m not drenched in sweat, hair soaking wet at my neck, then I haven’t done my job. Thanks for stopping by and commenting! Grateful to have you here!

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